The thesis of my project is that reading and writing is a personal activity that allows people to express themselves.  It is best when the inspiration comes from within the person as opposed to being pushed onto someone from the outside.  One of the things that is working so far in my project is my personal reflection and examples of various writing and reading experiences.  This was the focal point on the original project and I think it was the strongest portion of my initial essay so I kept most of the personal reflection.  I feel like I do well at going into depth in order to solidify the points I try to make in the paper. With that said, I added and removed some parts of my reflections that I thought would strengthen my argument further.

            One of the things I would like to add to my project is a more detailed approach as to how reading is a personal activity and how my experiences have exemplified this.  I also want to use this aspect of personal experience to complicate my argument slightly going into how literature can also be social and interactive with others.  I plan to accomplish this by bringing hypertext into the argument briefly as an example of how literature is social through interaction of the reader with the text itself.  In addition, hypertext is a great example of how reading and writing are extremely creative because there are almost limitless ways to express oneself in literature.  It is yet another form of literature that people are expressing themselves through, which is the essence of what I believe reading and writing is.  With this I might include descriptions of “Faith”, which is a hypertext poem by Robert Kendall which I really enjoyed reading in class.        Aspects that I wanted to focus on in order to improve my essay, was transitioning from paragraph to paragraph and talking to the reader more directly.  I tried to reword a few opening and concluding sentences as well as rearrange paragraph order to address this.  Sometimes while writing I get preoccupied in what I say and forget that I am writing to an audience about an argument I wish to sell them on.  After reading the “Taking an Approach” section in Joseph Harris’ book Rewriting, I decided I wanted to add a few meta-text expressions to help me talk directly to the reader.

            The element from my to-do list that I would like to focus on is sentence structure, especially the problem of run on sentences.  I addressed this problem with proper placement of commas, breaking up sentences with too many components/thoughts, and thoroughly proofreading my paper. In addition to this, I also wanted to work on having a strong conclusion to end my essay on a positive note.  Throughout my whole writing career, so much emphasis has been placed on the thesis statement at the beginning.  In this project I wanted to be sure I did not neglect making a solid conclusion to compliment the thesis.

            I think that it is appropriate that the focus of this last project was revision because that is the most significant aspect of writing that I got out of this course.  One of the things that I struggled with in the past was changing what I wrote at first to make it better.  For the most part, I would write something and I would be satisfied with my first draft instead of trying to dig deeper and improve the work as a whole.  I feel that this course has greatly improved my ability to revise my writing and improve on what I have already written.  Things like complication and elaboration stand out for me as useful revision tools that I plan to use later in my writing career.